An integrated and complete sterilization protocol with MELAG

CEC Dental Clinic has one of the most efficient sterilisation systems that covers all phases of the sterilisation cycle, from cleaning and disinfection to sealing, from instrument packaging to sterilisation itself, thus reducing all possible errors that can happen during sterilisation.

Sterilisation means that all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores are totally destroyed. In dental settings, dentists use mouth mirrors, tweezers and many other tools. These equipments must be sterile at the time of use and to do that we have a complex and efficient system. At CEC Dental Clinic we use a MELAG B+ autoclave.

How we sterilise instruments at CEC Dental Clinic:

  1. Decontamination and disinfection according to the protocol established by the Ministry of Health;
  2. Cleaning and disinfection of instruments in the innovative MELAtherm Evolution thermodisinfector;
  3. Manually completing instrument cleaning and checking them at 5x magnification;
  4. Packaging of instruments separately in single-use bags sealed with the MELAseal Pro compact sealer;
  5. The actual sterilization of the instruments, using a Class B Premium-Class autoclave;
    Instrument traceability through the MELAtrace application;
  6. Printing a barcode showing sterilization date, time, responsible sterilization cycle on each bag;
  7. Storage of tools in special compartments.

Sterilization traceability


With MELAtrace Pro the entire instrument decontamination process can be documented and made available to the patient when requested.

The MELAtrace PRO system correlates the unique cleaning and disinfection steps of the sterilization process. With the help of an optional printer, barcode labels can be generated to ensure full traceability. After applying the barcode to an instrument, batch information can be transferred directly from the barcode label to patient records.

MELAtrace Pro MELAG steps

The first step is to create the predefined elements for loading a thermodisinfector of the MELAtherm type.

After cleaning and disinfection, the correct completion of the program is approved.

The elements predefined in the first step for the sterilization process are used. The barcode is assigned to the load configuration of the steam sterilizer.

After sterilization is complete, check the steam sterilizer program log, document the batch indicator color change, and provide approval of the sterilization batch.

All MELAG and DAC Universal decontamination information, text and graphics are included in a hard-to-fake decontamination report.

As a final step, the instruments are labeled to allow full traceability. Decontamination information is transferred from the instruments directly to patient record.