The most modern device that supports the endodontist is the endodontic microscope. With a dental microscope you can various treatments such as:

  • identifying additional canals – the doctor can easily miss a canal and if this happens, the pain may persist or the infection may continue to spread into the bone. Using the microscope, the dentist can detect any hard-to-reach canal;
  • Detection of complications – the use of the microscope also makes it possible to detect cracks or fractures that may cause pain or inflammation;
  • Any instruments previously stuck in the canal can be detected and removed easily with the help of the microscope;
  • Easier access – using the microscope, the doctor can more easily access difficult areas and have better visibility to prevent possible complications;
  • Locating and sealing root perforations;
  • Improved accuracy; Increased success rate in root canal retreatments.

The results of many long-term studies have shown that modern endodontic treatment has a success rate of over 90%. CEC Dental Clinic has a high-performance microscope, which helps our doctors treat your teeth efficiently.