Beyond II

Beyond Ultra II whitening lamp

At CEC Dental Clinic you benefit from the latest and most modern version of the whitening lamp from the Beyond series. Beyond Ultra II incorporates ultrasound technology to achieve a brighter smile faster.

Thanks to the technology used, with Beyond Ultra II the whitening gel targets the enamel more completely. As a result, treatment time is reduced, providing the same results, while also meaning less sensitivity and greater patient satisfaction.

Beyond II ULTRA is a whitening system with ultrasonic technology that provides superior whitening results in a short treatment time. BEYOND II has the option of secondary light unit capacity for treating two clients simultaneously.

When used in combination with the BEYOND whitening formula, which contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silicon dioxide (SiO2), the end result is whiter, brighter teeth in no time.

Whitening options can be set to low, medium and high light settings for a personalized treatment that best suits each individual client.

Beyond II Ultra


  • LED lighting provides superior whitening in less time.
  • The BEYOND II whitening gel formula provides dramatic whitening deep within the teeth and a glossy white finish.
  • The comfortable thirty-minute treatment leaves teeth 5 to 14 shades whiter, with average shade improvements of more than 8 shades.