AquaCare Velopex

AquaCare Velopex is an abrasive air dental unit that provides minimally invasive dental treatment, making routine dental procedures comfortable for patients.

With the help of AquaCare Velopex, the dental condition is treated without affecting the integrity of the natural tooth.

AquaCare uses revolutionary technology to provide a comfortable and quick cleaning procedure by using a fine stream of Aqua Sol fluid combined with a small volume of powder directed at the teeth to be treated.

AquaCare Velopex

Treatments that can be performed with the help of AquaCare Velopex

  • Removing caries from the tooth
  • Removal of old composite restorations
  • Preparation of the tooth surface for bonding or sealing
  • Removal of superficial stains and tooth discolorations.

The benefits of using AquaCare Velopex

  • It does not generate heat, sound, pressure or vibration.
  • It reduces the need for anesthesia, especially if the cavity is superficial.
  • Minimal impact on healthy dental tissue.
  • It leaves the work area relatively dry, which is an advantage during composite filling placement.
  • Reduces the risk of microfracture and chipping of the tooth.
  • It allows the dentist to treat several places in the mouth during a single visit.