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Dental clinic that offers the services, attention and care you deserve

CEC Dental Clinic was created out of the desire to offer dental services to patients at international standards, in a friendly environment, and a medical team with a modern vision of the medical act, to treat the patient with respect, professionalism and guide him in choosing the right dental treatment.

Located on Unirii Boulevard, CEC Dental Clinic offers a wide range of dental services for adults and children. A premium location, state-of-the-art dental practices maintained to the highest standards, dental procedures to a very high standard using only state-of-the-art materials and equipment.

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CEC Dental Clinic

Clinic of Excellence

CEC Dental Clinic

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CEC Dental Clinic

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Dental Clinic of Excellence

We are a medical team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of dentistry, using the latest trends and technologies in the dental industry. At CEC Dental Clinic we value teamwork, focusing on prevention and curative services. We want to have a long-lasting relationship with our patients and that’s why we use only the best quality materials that will give them the best long-term results. In our clinic we have treated a number of anxious and nervous patients who have had unpleasant experiences in the past. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with the most pleasant experience that allows them to overcome any fear and have healthy teeth and a healthy, beautiful smile.

Our mission is to provide the most affordable and painless dental treatments. Whether it is teeth whitening, dental implants, orthodontic appliances, surgery or a routine visit we provide the best services in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Dr Narcisa Calota

Adult and pediatric dentist
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CEC Dental Clinic means medical services performed at the highest level, doctors with experience in the field, state-of-the-art equipment.

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Let's treat each patient with respect and equality, be close to them and work together to get the best results.

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To offer our patients a correct diagnosis, but also the most effective treatment, individualized according to the condition they suffer from.

The best dental specialists for you and your family

Currently, the clinic has modern offices designed for dental specialties such as surgery, implantology, endodontics, prosthetics, dental and facial aesthetics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, dental prophylaxis and prevention.

Excellence in dentistry, perfect sterilization, advanced techniques and technologies, relaxing and pleasant environment, complex dental consultations, transparency, affordable prices, personalized treatment plan, the expertise and competence of doctors are just some of the reasons why our patients cross the threshold of our dental clinic and I come back with confidence every time.

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